Yogafactory offers different models of membership and payment for yoga sessions.

At Yogafactory you can choose a yearly or monthly membership, purchase 10 or 20 yoga session voucher cards or you can choose to pay for a single practice.

If you decide to practice more than once a week or 6 times a month, it makes good sense to become a member.

Yogafactory have several nutritionists too, and if you need guidance, help with a weight loss program or insight into ways to get healthier, more energetic or stronger then write or call us.

We offer private lessons, they  are 75 minutes long and cost kroner 850,- and you contact us on mail to get an appointment. We can help customize the training for you if we now your needs, problems and desires. As we have several teachers to choose from, we can facilitate guidance toward strength, flexibility, restoration and rejuvenation.

Yogafactory often arranges special arrangements for groups of people: business people, bachelor parties, Round Table arrangements etc. The price for a group of up to 15 is kroner 2500,-, if you are 2 – 3 people the cost is kroner 1500,- and if you are up to 30 people the cost is kroner 3500,-. However, the price is also dependent on whether you need us to provide food, drinks or anything else for the arrangement. You find all of this under “special arrangement”, and you contact us for further information at

A couple of times a year you can find Detox/Yoga weekends on the schedule. 3 days with slow juiced, organic juices made mostly from vegetables. Gorgeously packed and delivered to us from Sundhedsværkstedet. We combine it with an intense program of yoga practices aiming at supporting the body to detox and release waste. The results are amazing and obvious – energy, lightness and focus are a few of them. Book your spot on this site. The cost is kroner 2000,-. Members get 25% off.

We also teach workshops, these are amazing and intensive opportunities to deepen your practice and get a new take on parts or styles of  Yoga. Among others we have Yin Workshops, beginner workshops, arm balance and inversion workshops. They are around 2 1/2 hours long and cost kroner 350,-

In September 2018 we are going to host the international acknowledged Yoga teacher Jason Crandell from USA once again. He has been teaching for the last 20 year, writes articles for The Yoga Journal and teaches all over the world. He is also one of Kristinas absolute favourite teachers and the one she has been practicing with most hours. It is fun, challenging and educational to practice with Jason! Each of his workshops are 2 hours long and they cost kroner 650,-.

During the year you will also find Yin or other yoga immersions on the schedule, they are placed in on afternoons and evenings of a weekend. These are for people who holds a desire for deepening their personal practice and also for teachers looking for inspiration.  Two teachers will be present during this course, there will be more hands on adjustments and help throughout the practice. The investment is kroner 1200,- in total.

Yogafactory offers massages too; Alicia works her magic with a background as a Chiropractor in her Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massages that are highly effective and very healing. Contact Alicia on phone for a treatment; +4581921485. Martin gives amazing treatments too; an intuitive approach to BodySDS. Contact him on phone for booking a treatment; +4540404063.

Teacher Trainings are in the making too. Keep an eye out for our news letters and the schedule.


kr. 100,-
First time lesson incl. mat.
One session free of choice. Must be used within one month. Can only be used once.
kr. 600,-
Monthly membership
Unlimited yoga, terminable after 6 months, 1 month advance payment.
kr. 400,-
Monthly membership under 22 years
Unlimited yoga, terminable after 6 months, 1 month advanced payment ( person under 22 years)
kr. 6.000,-
Yearly membership
Unlimited yoga for 12 months.
kr. 150,-
Drop in, one session.
One session free of choice. Valid for one month.
kr. 1.250,-
10 session voucher card
10 sessions free of choice. Valid for 3 months.
kr. 2.000,-
20 session voucher card
20 sessions free of choice. Valid for 6 months.
kr. 300,-
Three sessions introduction voucher card
3 sessions free of choice. Single purchase only. Valid for 3 months.
kr. 850,-
One on one ( Aerial or another type of Yoga)
75 minutes
kr. 1.500,-
Small group session ( 2 - 3 person in Aerial Yoga or another style of Yoga)
75 minutes
kr. 2.500,-
Large group session ( up to 15 people, Aerial or another type of Yoga)
75 minutes
kr. 3.500,-
Extra large group session ( up to 30 people Hatha yoga)
75 minutes
kr. 350,-
2 1/2 - 3 hours
kr. 1.200,-
3 x 2 1/2 hours
kr. 1.750,-
One on one with Kristina Babette Larsen ( Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, restorative Yoga and/or Yin Yoga)
75 minutes
kr. 2.550,-
Small group with Kristina Babette Larsen ( up to 5 people)
75 minutes
kr. 2.000,-
Detox/Yoga weekend
3 days
kr. 650,-
Master workshop with Jason Crandall
2 hours
kr. 500,-
yin Yoga for Power Trainers ONLY
5 x 75 minutes
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