Workshops / Events/Retreats

We arrange special arrangements – either in-house or elsewhere in Copenhagen or nearby. Mail us for more info

If we host you at Yogafactory it will – as a rule – cost kroner 2.500,- for 75 minutes of teaching with a group of up to 15 people. From 15 to 30 people it will cost kroner 3500,-. You choose – with our guidance if desired, the type of yoga you want to get into. It can be Vinyasa, Meditation, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Aerial ( – only 15 on a team), Yoga Nidra, Restorative og Astanga. If you need something tailor made to your needs we do that with pleasure too, including talks, food/drinks – a combination of yoga types and/or treatments. Write to us at

If you are 2 – 3 persons you can do a special event – that can be Aerial Yoga or another type of yoga. This type of event is 75 minutes and costs kroner 1500,-. Write us at

We have loads of amazing workshops on the programme, Arm balance workshops, Aerial workshops, beginners workshops and more. They are all 2 1/2 hours long and cost kroner 300,-.

Legendary teacher Jason Crandell from SF in USA  joined us in September where we hosted 5 workshops with him.  Amazingly talented, a huge star in the international yoga world – and good fun! He will join us again in 2018, keep and eye out at Facebook and through coming news letters.

We also have detox weekends. 3 days with slow juiced juices made mostly of organic vegetables combined with both Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga. This recipe allows each participant to dive in deeper, releasing tension and toxins – and receiving new energy, glow and calm. The whole program costs kroner 1800,- ( members get 25% off). write us  at if you need further information.

During the year we host immersions too, 3 afternoons i Yin heaven – practicing and studying the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hatha Yoga in combination. Through this immersion we gain an understanding of how those two approaches can give you better health, greater calm and glorious energy in your every day life. 2 1/2 hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon with 2 advanced teachers at kroner 1200,-

” You are very powerful,  provided you know how powerful you are”

Yogi Bhajan