30 Hours Immersion/Katonah Yoga


Substantiate yourself, develop competency, and free up your imagination. From the esoteric ideas of Taosim to the very pragmatic way to hold a right angle, we will move through techniques that articulate the Katonah Yoga theory that you may have heard but have not yet made use of in your teaching or embodied in your practice.

Whether you are a teacher seeking theory in order to better mentor your students, a student searching to deepen your practice, a practitioner dealing with an injury, or a new practitioner seeking a way to integrate yoga into your life; our intensive will inform, inspire, and usher you on your path towards becoming a sphere of influence in and out of the yoga room.

In this training we will cover in depth all aspects of the Katonah Yoga method including hands on adjustments, restorative, prop work, teaching privates, home practice, body reading, magic square and pranayama.

30 Hours intense training during a 4 days period.

Early bird price kroner 6000,- until 1st of April 2020