– To get started create a profile ‘here’
– Rates, rules and schedules are ‘here’
– Booking and payment is done online ‘here’
– Signing up for classes are binding and must be cancelled no later than 6 hours prior to beginning of class, if you are a member you will not be charged – however we ask you to cancel in order to give your spot to another student. If you have a clipcard it will be deducted one clip
– Upon arrival you must check in as you will otherwise be registered as absent and the terms above will apply.
– Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before start time to allow for time to check in.
– You can rent yoga mats at Yogafactory – it cost kroner 10,-
– Yoga mats can be stored in Yogafactory if you are a member
– You can practice yoga in all kinds of clothing as long as they allow freedom of movement.
– It is a good idea to bring sweater and socks for the relaxation exercises at the end of the sessions
– Yogafactory offers many types of yoga which makes it possible to exercise every day.
– Yoga does not have to replace other sorts of sport or exercise, but can be a great supplement to these.
– You can do yoga irrespective of gender, age and physical shape. The physical yoga practice is about keeping your body healthy and strong – with a focus on finding peace of mind.