Good to know

“Ssssccchhhhyyyyy, there is a yoga practice in session” – at Yogafactory we pay attention to each other and try to create a space, where all can enjoy the most amazing practice possible.

– We talk in the lounge and reception area, and keep the yoga space silent
– We leave our shoes, sandals and boots in the reception area
– We silence our mobiles before entering the yoga space – and leave them either at the shelves in the studio or in the reception
– We shower at home before the practice, and the divine sweat we build at our practice is with us afterwards
– We wear long sleeved blouses and long pants for aerial yoga
– At aerial yoga no jewelry can be worn
– We do not step on other peoples mats
– We appreciate if perfume is used discreetly – as it can be distracting during pranayama practice (breathing exercises)
– We roll, fold and place mats, blankets, straps and other props nicely – as that is how our masters teach us to do it
– If we need any personal belongings with us into the yoga space, we place them at the far end of the room – to create a calm space

– We teach most of our classes in English with Sanskrit words mixed in

” In all that you do, be not a slave – be a servant” – Art of Attention/Elena Brower