How to get started

– To get started, you create a profil here
– Then you can book classes and workshops
– Our prices are here
– It is binding when you sign up, and we kindly ask you to cancel your appointment minimum 12 hours before the practice. If you are unable to do so you will loose one clip on your clipcard.                                                                                                 – –  Different types of paying is possible, we accept almost all international and Danish credit cards
– If you are practicing often, it makes sense to become a member. The cost is 600,- and it provides you with unlimited practices and furthermore you will receive a 25% discount on all our workshops, events and the items we sell in the lounge.
– Our own springwater can be bought at the studio
– You can pause your membership if you are traveling for more than 2 weeks, or just need a break
– You can terminate your membership at any time
– You can rent a yoga mat at Yogafactory
– You can leave your yoga mat at Yogafactory
– Please check in at least 5 minutes before your practice
– There is no specific dresscode for practicing yoga, just make sure that you can move freely
– A warm blouse and socks are nice at the end of the practice, where we have a moment of relaxation
– Yogafactory has a large selection of different types of yoga, which makes it possible for you to practice every day if you want to
-A yoga practice does not have to exclude other types of physical exercise, on the contrary it is known to enhance the performance of athletes
– You can practice yoga no matter the shape, sex, age and religion you have. The physical yoga practice is focusing on a strong, flexibel and energetic body – with the the aim at creating present moment awareness and peace at mind.