At Yogafactory we are a dedicated group of yoga teachers, massage therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists and healers. Each with our own unique approach to yoga and health. On an average we can be characterised as a bunch of yoga nerds with our hearts in the right place. We wish for all to feel welcome and have amazing experiences with new energy, joy of life, physical strength and peace of mind.

“It is through your body you realize that you are a spark of divinity”

– B.K.S Iyengar



Kristina met yoga in Bangladesh and found peace and strength through classic poses from the Hatha tradition. Later she met a soulmate, healer and yogamaster in Uganda. Through several teacher trainings in South Africa, India, US, France and UK, she has been trained as a Vinyasa Flow teacher, Yin Yoga teacher, Unnata ® Aerial Yoga teacher, Kundalini children yoga teacher and have added both Hatha, Anusara and Shiva Rea teacher training modules. Kristina has trained diligently with Jason Crandell and through him received the E-RYT 500. Recently Kristina practiced in India with Gumurkh Kaur Khalsa weaving the practice of Kundalini into the lot. Last but not least has Kristina added a teacher training in Yoga Nidra also called conscious sleep, which relaxes the nervous system and lifts the practitioners ability to cope with stress, changes and challenges of every day life. With her background as a nurse and dietician Kristina's teaching is based on a holistic and caring approach. Kristina teaches primarily in English and Sanskrit.


Anita Lindberg met yoga over 25 years ago. She is a graduate of a Yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India, in 2012 at Himalayan.
Anita's teaching is based on Hatha Yoga and focuses on the classical practice of pranayama (respiratory control and technique), bandhas (body locks to lift and hold on energy) and meditation centers. The subtle layers of the pranic body, balance and flow of the Nadis (energy channels) and achieving "The Yogic State of Mind" are the heart of Anita's teaching.

Anita moved in 2013 with her family to Ubud in Bali, where they lived for 2 years.
Deeply inspired by the Balinese Hindu culture and beautiful scenery, she spent all her spare time studying all forms of yoga and spirituality through work shops and courses with talented yoga teachers from all over the world.

She has taught at her own retreats, workshops and yoga teams. In addition to being a yoga instructor, Anita has taken courses in healing massage, meditation, Ayurveda and is a trained Reiki healer and NLP therapist.
Anita teaches in English, Danish and Sanskrit.


Nynne discovered yoga more than 15 years ago and it has become an invaluable part of her life. Having trained as a teacher first with Yogahaven in London and Marocco, she then went onto completing a pre and post natal yoga course and later trained as an Aerial teacher with Unnata Yoga in America.
Nynne teaches fluid and imaginative Vinyasa flow classes, alignment and breath based Hatha classes that are good for the soul, dreamy Restorative classes and playful Aerial classes sure to make you float. Her teaching comes from a place of passion and joy – knowing the strength and beauty yoga can bring to your life.
Nynne teaches in English and Sanskrit and looks forward to welcoming you to her classes.


Tracey is originally from Cape Town, South Africa. She is a qualified primary school teacher and a Kundalini Yoga teacher. She has taught in England, Thailand and Denmark. Tracey has been practising Kundalini for the last eight years and is passionate about holding space and elevating her students so that they are able to see their own potential through posture, breath and meditation. Her classes allow you to dive deep within your own experience where you are able to connect with your breath, body and sound. The space allows you to quiten the mind in stillness and to heal and rejuvenate through deep relaxation. Each kriya that is delivered is like a piece of music, a perfect sequence of energy, tones, and feelings that are played in the instrument of the body. Kundalini Yoga is the science of changing and strengthening your radiance to give you an expanded life and greater capacity.
Tracey teaches in English and Sanskrit.


Victoria found yoga at a young age, going to classes with her mom while living in California.
She continued to deepen her practice as she got older, learning more about herself and how to live a life through listening to her heart. Originally from California, she moved to Denmark in 2015 to escape the fast pace of the US, took a 200-hour RYT in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin in Copenhagen and then in 2018, took a 300-hour RYT in Yoga Therapy in Rishikesh. Through these teacher trainings, she opened her mind to an even deeper knowledge to the meaning of yoga in the exploration of life's purpose.
Victoria loves teaching powerful Vinyasa and Hatha classes incorporating different Pranayama techniques with the intention of being fully present and tuning into the mind, body, and breath. To notice the small intricacies of one's being in order to dive deeper into the question 'Who am I?.'
Victoria's classes are taught in English.


Leah has been practicing yoga for over two decades and teaching since 2003.
She had really fallen in love with the practice when meeting her teacher Noga Barkai in Jerusalem that year - there she found the precision and flow that felt most like home. Leah is certified in Kripalu yoga, Vijnana yoga (an 800 hour advanced teacher training) and prenatal yoga, but also draws from her extensive background as a professional dancer and other methodologies such as pilates and feldenkrais.
Leah loves teaching and is passionate about seeing the changes in her students, their progress and their gained awareness of alignment and quality of movement. Aside from teaching asana, she enjoys teaching pranayama in depth, using yoga as a therapeutic practice and working one-on-one with students who are curious and/or need the extra support.
After the birth of her second child in 2012 Leah started developing her own method - using yoga to build pelvic floor health and awareness and is currently working on her first book on the topic.

Oliver ( vikar)

Oliver is a passionate yoga geek, who is highly curious and loves learning about yoga and the amazing human body. To him, teaching is a fantastic opportunity to share what he loves while growing personally and professionally. He has meditated for 11 years and done yoga for six years. Additionally, he has done martial arts, CrossFit, climbing, and running, which has provided an extensive anatomical understanding of the body’s strength and kinetic chains.
Oliver went to Rishikesh in India where he took his 200-hour teacher training and gained knowledge about yoga, philosophy, anatomy, and himself.
To Oliver yoga is a unique tool for creating balance in body and mind. In a busy life, working with bodily awareness, deep breathing, and physical balance provides a plethora of beneficial effects. He feels those everyday on his own body, and it gives him great joy to see others leave the yoga studio significantly more relaxed, than when they came. That is why yoga creates meaning in Oliver’s life, and why he loves teaching it.

Helle ( guest teacher)

Helles yogarejse startede i 2004 og har siden vist hende vejen hen mod en bedre og mere hensigtsmæssig balance i sind og krop.
I 2014/2015 tog Helle en RYT200 yogalæreruddannelse hos My Yoga i Charlottenlund, og hun har siden udbygget sine kompetencer blandt andet med Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra og meditations uddannelser.
Det der bliver ved med at fascinere Helle i yogatræningen, er den unikke effekt det har på den fysiske og mentale smidighed sammen med styrkelse af evnen til at fokusere og bevare en indre ro i hektiske perioder.
Helle kommer fra en lang erhvervskarriere og har i dag sin egen virksomhed. Udover yogaen, fungerer hun som rådgiver og coach i forretningsverdenen. Yogaen er en naturlig del af hendes livsstil. En levevis der bliver ved med at vække hendes nysgerrighed for hvor de næste skridt på yogavejen fører hen.
Helle har særligt fokus på den fordybende Yin praksis, meditation og den mere traditionelle Hatha yoga, enten hver for sig eller sammen.
Gennem sin undervisning, er det et stort ønske for Helle at videregive sine erfaringer med yoga og meditation og samtidig bidrage til større indre overskud, balance, glæde og fred hos yogaudøvere.
Helle underviser på dansk

Lotte ( guest teacher)

Yoga har været en del af Lottes liv siden 2001. Det var umiddelbart personlige fysiske udfordringer der var indgangen til denne praksis, men det blev hurtigt klart for Lotte at det var effekten på sind, sjæl og eneri der var vigtigst. Lotte tog sin første uddannelse i 2015 hos Kira Løwe, og har derefter uddannet sig hos Jordan Bloom, Jo Phee, Trine Hedegaard og Sussie Jensen. Lotte deltager ligeledes kontinuerligt i mange praksisser og workshops.
Yogaen og alle dens aspekter bliver ved med at begejstre Lotte, der elsker at lære nyt, blive inspireret og tage ny viden med i egen undervisning.
Lotte underviser i dansk og underviser både Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga og Yoga Nidra. Der lægges vægt på det meditative aspekt i klasserne. Der er altid en stor portion smil, glæde og kærlighed i Lottes klasser

Elanor ( guest teacher)

Elanor had her first encounter with yoga while living in Auckland, New Zealand. The system of Astanga yoga suited her well and was such a great fit that she in 2005
completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training through The Auckland Yoga Academy and started teaching the primary series at the same school in 2006.
Upon returning to Copenhagen Elanora threw her energy and enthusiasm into the Bikram Yoga practice and eventually travelled to San Diego to practice under and learn from Bikram Choudhury.
Eleanor continues to be inspired by the two initial styles of yoga and enjoys leading students through a practice incorporating equal measures of strength and flexibility.

Elanor is guest teaching from time to time, and teaches in English.

Jordan ( guest teacher)

Jordan Ashley is the founder of Souljourn Yoga, (souljournyoga.com) an organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for girls education in developing countries through yoga events and global retreats. As a 500 hour RYT, she believes it is essential to cultivate a yoga practice both on and off of the mat through global seva or service. Jordan loves to blend her classes with ecstatic flow, attention to alignment, a popping playlist, a sprinkle of spiritual guidance, and frosted with her LA mellowness (and accent) to make for a delicious yoga practice.

Jordan is guest teaching from time to time, and teaches in English.

Angela ( guest teacher)

Angela Ing­lish is orig­i­nally from Okla­homa, USA but has been liv­ing in East Africa for the past 9 years.
With train­ing in As­tanga, Power and Vinyasa yoga styles, Angela teaches a mix of the three. Her classes are designed to accom­mo­date stu­dents who are begin­ners as well as those that are more advanced. Angela loves inversions and arm bal­ances, as well as long holds in hip open­ers, but always ­brings a range of poses into her classes, inventing new flows and vari­a­tions. She also likes to add pranayama and short med­i­ta­tions at the begin­ning or end of class.

Angela has a 200 hour training in Astanga from the Ayurevda Retreat in Coonor, India, a 200 hour training in Journey into Power from the Africa Yoga Project in Nairobi, Kenya, and 100 hours of teacher training in the Kaivalya Yoga Method in New York City.

Leyla ( guest teacher)

Leyla’s love of yoga is rooted in her experience of it as a practice that leads us from the head to the heart, from fear to love and from separation to oneness. An experience that unites each of us whilst honoring our differences.
Her vinyasa classes blend elements of strength, breath, alignment, and grace with inversions, meditation, fun and philosophy. Her unique style has evolved from training as a ballerina, a stunt woman, many years as a gymnast and a love affair with India

Leyla completed her 200hr teacher training with Africa Yoga in 2008 in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition.
She studied Prana Flow with Shiva Rea in London in July 2013.
Completed Baron Baptiste 200hr teacher training in 2014 with the Africa Yoga Project