Types of Yoga

Types of Yoga

The word yoga comes from sanskrit – Yuj – and means to unite. A union of body and spirit, Yin and Yang, heaven and earth – and potentially man and God.

“Everything lies in the middle way” – Buddha

” Any practice can bring you awareness” – Unknown

What we recognize as yoga today, has its foundation in ancient India and was a whole set of rules directing people in regards to diet, exercise, sleep, medicine, morale and ethics. In old scripts by Patanjali, the so called Yoga Sutras, there are described 8 steps. The third step is the one we know as yoga; the physical practice or asanas – which means poses.

At Yogafactory balance, energy and focus is always part of the practice – and the 8 steps is the foundation for all our teachings. In this space you will, at all times, sense the dedication to the original scripts, tales and wisdom given to us, by the teachers that came before us.